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The Terramia Association, a beacon of hope and solidarity in the Caudina valley and in the province of Avellino, is an organization founded in 2016. With over 100 registered members who work as volunteers, it stands out as one of the most active associations in the area, Terramia is a hotbed of volunteering, the beating heart of countless projects that embrace environmental protection, support for the disabled, support for families in economic difficulty, community relief interventions, promotion of the territory and cultural initiatives that nourish the soul of our community.

Affiliated with the Libertas Sports Center, which allows the association programs to also be extended to the world of sport, promoting values of inclusion and well-being through physical activity.
Accredited for the Universal Civil Service with 12 active volunteers who contribute significantly to the implementation of the association's activities.
It boasts a solid collaboration with the main associative bodies of the Caudina valley, the local tourist offices, the schools and the municipal administrations present in the area.

The Association is proud to be able to present a rich range of activities ranging from environmental protection to support for the disabled, from support to families in economic difficulty to community relief interventions, from promotion of the territory to cultural initiatives, such as redevelopment and management of the mountain refuge located in the Gregorio plain of the Municipality of Cervinara, the planning and organization of ecological days, lessons at schools to raise awareness of the protection of the environment and nature against environmental crimes, collection of basic necessities in a to support families in difficulty with the delivery of food parcels, assistance for the elderly, the community garden, the solidarity bookshop, the collection and donation of school textbooks, assistance for the disabled with creative workshops and horticultural therapy, various own initiatives to promote the territory and in collaboration with the Proloco and associations active in Valle Caudina, book presentations and cultural meetings with writers, politicians, professionals and entrepreneurs.
Founder of the Terramia Film Festival, an international short film festival that addresses crucial issues such as the environment and disability, in collaboration with the Centro Studi Cinematografici.

Always ready in times of difficulty as well as community support activities during the Covid period, the organization for the collection of basic necessities and medicines for Ukrainian refugees, and with an always attentive eye on research with the various fundraising for national and international associations involved in research.
Volunteer initiatives aimed at the most needy, such as food collection, distribution of food parcels, collection of used school books and their distribution to families in difficulty, together with assistance to the disabled and the elderly, have contributed significantly to the exponential growth of our Terramia family in recent years.
Today's challenges require brilliant minds who know how to look at the world from another perspective and do not shy away from risks, the TERRA MIA Association was born from the desire to inspire and support the community, but above all from the need to act, instead of talking . The commitment and passion of our members allow us to pursue our mission with determination and perseverance, always with the aim of creating a positive and lasting impact in our community.

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